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Jobs for people with Down syndrome and other disabilities

Lets find about some estatistics in USA and UK:

The challenge of not having enough work experience makes volunteering opportunities attractive as they can provide people with Down syndrome with the step-by-step training and coaching they need to build confidence and find employment that suits their interests and skills.

Different kinds of employment

The kind of work undertaken by people with Down syndrome varies from person to person.

From working as baristas in community coffee shops to taking positions in national chains, handling the front desk at offices, or working with their hands in the great outdoors, people with Down syndrome can thrive in a wide range of positions when they have the support, drive and skills they need to perform the job.

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In the workplace for employers

Turn the StartingUP Cards and find the match of which are the Key Competencies needed to an Employee: 

Approaches to the labor market and professional internships for people with intellectual and developmental difficulties in Portugal

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Vias Portal, provided by Portuguese Institute of Employment and Vocational Training, is a career guidance and management portal where you can:

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