3. Be inspired (success cases)

40 min task

Successful testimonies of people with disabilities who are self-employed or are employees in labour market

John’s Crazy Socks – John Cronin strated Crazy Socks, with his father, a million-dollar sock business


Collettey’s – Divitto started her own business in bakery after not being able to find work



Candidly Kind – Grace Key launched her own clothing line


Tim’s Place – Tim Harris,owner of a restaurant in Albuquerque (USA)

Tim’s Place on TripAdvisor

João Pedro, waiter on Starbucks Coffee Company in Lisbon, Portugal

Nick, a high school student, works in part-time

Benjamin Sunderman gets a job (USA)


Nathan Simons, the first full time employee with Down syndrome at Boston Children’s Hospital (USA)


Rion Holcombe, graduated at Clemson University

Andy Jackson, a 44-year-old has Down syndrome, was honored for 25-years of service on his job

C1 Restaurant, the 1st restautant run entirely by people with Down sindrome (almost 40 individuals)

Gretchen’s, 20-year work anniversary at Cincinnati Children’s

Self-employment in North America

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